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    Arma 3 Server Rules



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    Arma 3 Server Rules

    Post by Admin on Sat Nov 02, 2013 9:33 pm

    1. No Racism

    2. Respect Admins & Players

    3.No voice chat over side channel, if it happens by accident no worries just be mindful of others

    4.It's a game, we all come in to have fun please keep religion and government topics, anything too personal out of the server we will only ask once.

    5. No bambi killing/ spawn camping

    6. No griefing

    7.No blocking main area loot spawns such as gas stations, grocery stores,etc

    8. No destroying bases, you can however take a wall down to enter and loot

    Keep in mind, certain times admins might ask you to do something please listen to what they say and follow it. Whatever is being asked is usually what's best for the server and other players.

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